Workplace injuries can come at a high cost. Often costs for Federal and Florida State Government employees increase because they don’t seek out experienced workers’ comp doctors. Many people don’t know they need a DOL doctor (Department of Labor) to show their injury in the right light. By hiring a doctor with no DOL experience, they put their claim at risk. It’s not uncommon for an employee with back pain to have her claim denied for a totally avoidable reason.

Because her doctor doesn’t know how to establish causation. After all, the constant bending movements of the job and the pain preventing her from working are not unrelated.

When claims get denied, hard-working men and women have to use their personal insurance. In some tragic cases they dip into their personal savings to pay for medical services that the government ought to cover. What’s worse is that they lose their lifetime workers’ comp benefits because of this. If their case is particularly strong and they were injured at work then they may even contact a law firm like to see if they have a case to get compensation to avoid going into their savings.

Sadly, all of this is avoidable when you find a qualified workers comp doctor. Here are three ways they can help:

Workers’ Comp Doctors Have High Claims Acceptance

Doctors that have experience dealing with work injuries and workers’ compensation claims have the credentials you need to gain coverage. When you work with an experienced doctor, the benefits that you need and deserve are yours for the taking. No matter the type of injury you sustain, your chances of approval are better if you talk to a trained medical professional with DOL experience.

Workers’ Comp Doctors Understand Workers’ Compensation Forms

Workers’ compensation cases are no stranger to complication. Doctors with experience with workers’ comp claims will be able to fill out the necessary forms with ease. The last thing you want to happen is to have your claim rejected because of an incorrectly filed piece of paper.workers' comp doctors

Workers’ Comp Doctors Can Show Causation

In addition to filling out the required forms correctly and quickly, your doctor needs to submit a report that documents your injury and shows causation between that injury and your workplace conditions. A good DOL doctor knows what kinds of details to include to get a claim accepted fast. When you need treatment fast and can’t afford to miss work, the quicker you get your benefit, the better off you’ll be. With a qualified workers’ compensation doctor, you can rest assured that the Department of Labor will accept your claim.

Dr. Michael Newman, DC works with all federal employees and many state and local government employees. If you have an injury that prevents you from doing your job and need help with your workers’ comp claim, trust your local Miami chiropractor. Our team knows how to get the government to accept your claim. Want to start treatment for your back and joint pain while you wait for your workers’ comp claim approval? Call our offices today at 305-363-6172.