Federal Work Injuries

Federal Workers’ Compensation program

Are you a federal worker who has recently suffered from an injury as a result of your work? Are you looking for someone who can help you heal?

As an experienced physician and Credentialed Department of Labor Work Comp Clinic, Michael Newman, D.C. welcomes federal workers to his practice for treatment. Our priority is to take proper care of your injury before it gets worse.

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What do you do if you’re injured at work?

1. Obtain first aid or medical treatment. Go to the hospital immediately if you got badly injured.

For traumatic injuries ask your employer to authorize medical treatment on a form CA-16 before going to the doctor.

And do not hesitate to get medical treatment even if the injury is minor. We are glad to help!

2. Report every injury to your supervisor.
Submit written notice of your injury on:

Form CA-1: If you sustained a traumatic injury. The form must be filled within 30 days of the date of injury.

Form CA-2: If the injury was an occupational disease or illness.

These forms are provided by your employer or by OWCP.

3. Establish evidence that supports your claim.

You must provide evidence to show that:

  • You filed for benefits promptly.
  • You are a civil employee
  • The injury occurred as reported in the performance of work duties. The medical opinion must be based on objective evidence such as an examination, lab tests, X-rays, MRI, and more. It needs to be proven that the injury was caused by work factors.

4. File a compensation claim. File form CA-7, claim for compensation on account of traumatic Injury or occupational disease if you cannot return to work because of your injury and you expect to lose more than three days. Give the form to your supervisor seven to ten days before the end of the COP period.

5. Return to work as soon as your doctor allows you to do so. The doctor must specify your work restrictions. Compensation may be terminated if you refuse to work within your medical restrictions without good cause. Once you are back on track, follow your doctor’s advice and watch how you are lifting, bending, or doing other activities that might re-activate your injury.

6. Tell your family about the benefits they are entitled to in the event of your death. For assistance in filing a claim, they may contact your employer’s personnel office or OWCP.


Who can get Federal Workers’ Compensation?

Federal employees who sustained an injury as part of their duties may obtain compensation, even if that injury was caused while working at a desk.

What are the requirements to be eligible for federal workers’ compensation?

To receive medical compensation you must:

  • Be a federal employee
  • Have an injury or illness as a result of working.
  • Meet the deadlines for reporting the injury and filing a claim.

Is it possible to obtain compensation if my injury is the aggravate result of an existing one?

OWCP regulations do allow a claim to be approved if an underlying condition has been aggravated, or worsened, by the work conditions. According to regulations, the OWCP claim may still be compensable.

How can I prove my injury was the result of my work?

The Credentialed Department of Labor Work Comp Doctor needs to understand the details of your work environment and the circumstances surrounding the injury to write a medical report that will be acceptable to the OWCP claims examiner.

Dr. Michael Newman is a Credentialed Department of Labor Work Comp Doctor who can help you get the treatment you need

Seeing a Credentialed Department of Labor Work Comp Doctor is essential when seeking compensation. Someone who knows the process and knows how to show causation between working conditions and injuries is so critical to getting the benefits that are in place to protect workers and their families.

Compensation cases are very common in the Miami area. To us, each of the cases seen has showed us that:

“No injury is insignificant”

Most injuries start small but if they are not treated properly and on time, they can turn into a life-long condition that hinders mobility.

As a Credentialed Department of Labor Work Comp Doctor, Dr. Newman is highly knowledgeable in filing federal work injury claims and ensuring acceptance by the Department of Labor. Our office Specializes in relief of back, neck, and disc pain, work, and auto-related injuries, women’s issues, laser therapy, and spinal decompression.

If you need help getting treatment or filing your workers’ compensation claim, don’t hesitate to contact us.

For the past 40 years, workers’ compensation Miami Chiropractor Michael P. Newman, D.C., P.A. has successfully helped patients’ claims.

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All Federal Employees are welcome!