Back pain happens to a lot of different people for many reasons. No reason is so pernicious, though, as back injuries. Fortunately, a simple, noninvasive treatment can help you manage and perhaps completely stop your back pain: spinal disc decompression therapy.

A patient of mine used to work as a firefighter. One day he and the other firefighters were called in on a rescue operation. During the mission, however, something went wrong. My patient, who was attempting the rescue from a helicopter, lost his footing and fell 25 feet to the ground below. The way he tells it, he was lucky to walk away. But no one who sustains an injury like his would mistake that for luck. The physical aspect of the injury was substantial. However, I could tell from his wincing face that the worst part was the pain.

The doctor that he went to told him that in order to treat the pain, they would need to do surgery. He would have to fuse some of his vertebrae together, which would ultimately restrict his mobility. There was also a large risk that the surgery wouldn’t completely relieve his pain. Lucky for the firefighter, his doctor also recommended that he undergo spinal disc decompression therapy, and that’s when he came into my clinic. Now well into his 60s, he comes in for regular spinal decompression treatments. Once convinced that he would have trouble getting around, he now enjoys unhampered mobility, and in the years that he has been coming to see me, he has not complained of pain.

As you can see, if more people knew of this quick treatment, there would be a lot fewer cases of back pain. While relief from back pain is obviously the biggest advantage that spinal decompression can bestow on patients, there are also several lesser-known benefits of spinal disc decompression therapy. Here are three:

Spinal Disc Decompression Therapy Can Prevent Disc Breakdown

The way our bodies work, it’s nearly impossible to go through your day without putting pressure on the different structures in your back. The spinal discs that separate and provide cushioned support to each vertebra are especially susceptible to the weight of our bodies, as is evident in the correlation between disc degeneration and pressure on the discs. Studies have shown that decompressing the spine helps to prevent this breakdown.

Each Session Re-hydrates Shrunken Discs

When you stretch the spine, negative pressure builds in each disc, allowing them to rehydrate. As this happens, water returns to the discs, giving them more support. Additionally, the nutrients contained in that water help repair and maintain the discs.

Spinal Disc Decompression Therapy Helps You Stand Tall

Did you know you’re shorter when you go to bed than when you wake up? On average, people lose about two centimeters during the day. This happens because our discs become compressed from the pressure caused by standing and sitting. This figure might not seem like much, but with each day that passes, gravity becomes a little less forgiving. Spinal disc decompression treatment can prevent and even reverse height loss.

If you have back pain from an injury or normal wear and tear, you don’t have to live with it. Dr. Michael Newman, DC offers spinal disc decompression therapy as part of his services. Call today at 305-363-6172 or contact us to find out if you are a good candidate.