If more people in this country knew about the alternatives, like spinal decompression, back surgery wouldn’t be bringing in $600 billion per year in America. Well over 1 million people undergo back surgery annually to try to relieve pain and numbness. That’s two to five times the rates of other developed countries! Families are spending what some people don’t even make in a year to treat back pain. However, with only a 5% success rate, back surgery doesn’t seem to be a good investment. Considering the risks involved, it’s not a smart first choice for age-related back pain.

It’s all fine and well to say that back surgery isn’t the best option for back pain sufferers. In certain cases, if someone is looking into herbal alternatives, medicinal marijuana or kratom can be tried for their pain relieving properties. However, if the pain and numbness become completely unbearable, where else can a person suffering from the pains of aging find some relief?

The answer is much simpler, safer, and more effective than you think: spinal decompression.

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