We’re all a little crooked.

Sometimes it happened during birth, a lifetime of poor posture, one leg being slightly shorter than the other, or a past injury.  Think about what happens when you injure one foot.  You limp.  Limping causes you to favor that side of your body.  Yet none of us want to look at the world at an angle so we straighten the top of our body in the opposite direction to the bottom.  Our spine is unnaturally curved by this straightening.  Over time these small adjustments can become permanent, causing back and neck pain.  But it’s not too late to do something about it.  In fact, the solution can be fast, easy and economical. Foot Orthotic inserts can bring relief and allow your spine to strengthen, heal and realign.

Orthotic inserts, pain management, spine alignment

Foot being fitted for orthotic inserts.

Take a look at the image below.  Faulty foot biomechanics negatively impact all supporting joints above the foot.  Your back and neck pain can be relieved using custom made orthotic inserts for your shoes which help stabilize your center of gravity. In fact I prescribe these to many of my patients because they are so effective.  And ladies, are you concerned that your heels and sandals make these impractical?  Not to worry, these inserts come in wafer thin and half length versions and even custom made flip flops (for men too!).

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foot orthotics, spine alignment, pain management