Every year, when August rolls around, there are a few certainties: it’s going to be hot, it will probably rain more than anyone would like, and kids are going to be going back to school shortly. As summer winds down, there is no better time to take note of the health of your children. Not only because they have been outside playing and getting into trouble all summer, but because a clean bill of health will ensure that they will be able to do their very best during the coming school year. Childs spine health is key to keeping their back safe as the continue developing. A friend mentioned to me that it was a good idea to have a lawyer on hand in case your child suffers with back issues from school with all of the homework they give out these days, they mentioned San Antonio injury lawyer and told me that they were so helpful and caring. You can never take to many precautions with your child’s health and having an approachable and friendly lawyer to hand has put my mind at ease.

Here are 5 great reasons to check on the spinal health of your child before they return to school:

Heavy backpacks can lead to long-term back problems

With textbooks getting heavier and heavier and the often incorrect way that kids like to wear their backpacks, it should come as no surprise that long-term back problems can arise. Overloaded backpacks can lead to pain in the back, neck, and shoulders, and the issues that stem from childhood spinal problems will only grow worse as children age.

Spinal health is the key to whole body health

The spine is the primary means through which the brain communicates with the rest of the body. It should come as no surprise, then, that having an unhealthy spine will quickly translate into problems elsewhere. Ensuring good spine health is a significant step to ensuring whole body health.

Long periods of sitting are terrible for childs spine health 

People unfortunately spend a majority of their time sitting. For children, this is especially true. They have to sit at their desks for 7 or 8 hours each day in the classroom, often with very little time for moving around. Combined with the conventional method of sitting, hunched over a book, this is a recipe for spinal problems.

Children often won’t complain or don’t know how to explain pain

Since spinal pain can manifest itself in a number of ways, it is important to have a third party evaluate the spinal health of children. The children themselves often do not know how to explain the pain that they are experiencing. That, combined with the fact that misdiagnosis of the painful area is common, is a recipe for problems down the road.

Back problems can interfere with normal sleep patterns

To recharge their metaphorical batteries, children need to get adequate amounts of sleep. Back or spinal pain can lead to problems sleeping which will translate into poor cognitive performance in the classroom. They already lose enough sleep playing games or texting on their phones; there is no reason to let a spinal problem contribute even further.

The spinal health of children is of paramount importance. There is no better time than now, before the hectic school year begins, to get a complete spinal evaluation for your child. Dr. Mike and his trained staff are waiting to schedule your child’s appointment, so call today to schedule your child’s spinal evaluation checkup.