A New Year always brings about reflections on life, and we often make resolutions to create big changes for the coming year. Not only change in terms of what our calendar says, but change in our life as well. This is why we make resolutions; because we all want to improve ourselves in some way or another through these promises we make to ourselves. Some resolutions, as many of us are so painfully aware, can be harder to keep than others. And most of us find it harder to keep them as we segue into the second month, because we settle back into old habits or easier routines. Chiropractor spinal decompression.

But there are ways to set yourself up for success with the resolutions you may have made at the start of the New Year. And your chiropractor can help.

For physical resolutions and health goals, whether it’s weight loss or stress reduction, seeing a chiropractor can help set you on the road to success. If you need to do a job (keeping your New Year resolution), why not make the job as easy and pain-free as possible? Why not utilize all the tools you have available to you in order to complete that job? That is why seeing a chiropractor can be a good first step on the road to success in your resolutions and yearly goals.

Popular Resolutions and Goals

Here are 5 resolutions your chiropractor can help you keep for the whole year:

  • Stop Smoking

    Smoking causes many health problems, including asthma, COPD, and even TMJ or TMD. It is the single most preventable cause of death and disease in this country and a significant disease attack risk factor. By taking an integrated approach to your health, we use a laser acupuncture approach to accomplish the smoking secession in one session without any needles or pain. Best of all, we do this without any negative side effects.

  • Lose Weight –

    Misalignment of the spine can be a significant contributor to weight gain. The nerves in the spinal column, when misaligned, can hinder signals being transmitted to and from your brain, leading to significant changes in your ability to be physically active and for your body to send the proper messages back and forth. Obesity and weight gain can also be attributed to Diabetes, which can cause peripheral neuropathy due to poor blood circulation. Even more important than losing weight is losing waist. Waist reduction is more important than weight reduction, because waist circumference is one of the biggest risk factors in cardio vascular disease.

  • Get In Shape

    Physical exertion is something that many of us, unfortunately, are no longer used to. In a complacent world, it can become difficult to carve out the time in the day to work out. Worse, working out becomes painful, especially if you haven’t done it in a while. Being out of shape also leads to obesity and a range of other health issues. Getting an alignment before beginning a new exercise plan can significantly improve success rates.

  • End Back Pain

    The majority of back pain can be significantly improved with the help of a chiropractor. Whether you have a pinched nerve or your spine is simply out of alignment, the pain you experience is real. Seeing a qualified professional is the first step to ending that pain.

  • Reduce StressChiropractor Spinal Decompression

    Stress can be a killer. There are no two ways about it. Stress leads to inflammation and dysfunction within the body, which can lead to disease. A chiropractor, by helping keep you aligned and assisting with the return of your body to a state of health, can significantly reduce your stress levels.

Though we have only listed 5 resolutions here, it is important to keep in mind that a chiropractor can impart benefits beyond those — all year long. There are, of course, other ways your chiropractor can help you keep your health goals and benefit the quality of your life, from day one to day 365, every year.

Call today for an appointment for your start of the year evaluation, so Dr. Michael Newman and his amazing staff can help you keep all of your resolutions and make your new year as pain-free as possible.