Magnesium is one of the most critical vitamins to our bodies. It is already found in large quantities in the body, and is vital to many of the body’s functions, such as helping to promote proper bowel function and regulating blood sugar. But magnesium has also been known to help reduce and lower back pain and neck pain for patients that suffer from chronic pain conditions, such as Fibromyalgia.

September is Pain Awareness month, so it’s the perfect time to take a look at this incredibly important vitamin and how it can play a key role in pain reduction. Magnesium deficiency is often referred to as the “invisible deficiency” by some experts because it’s so hard to distinguish and diagnose. Most people don’t even realize that they are deficient in certain key vitamins, and that this can actually contribute to their pain, particularly lower back pain and neck pain.

Magnesium supplementation can provide many benefits beyond reducing pain, including regulating glucose metabolism, providing bone formation through assimilating calcium into bones, and promotes a healthy heart by transmitting the electrical signals throughout the body.

The Vital Role of Magnesium in Back Pain

According to Medical News Today, magnesium is one of the seven essential macro minerals, which means most people should be taking at least 100mg a day, depending on age and gender. Function to our body’s fluids, tissues, and muscles is provided by Magnesium. More than half of it resides in the skeletal system. This is why it’s so important to get enough magnesium in our bodies.

When we’re deficient, our bodies stop working as well as they should. Add to that a variety of other factors, such as age, injuries, other conditions caused by genetics, medications, and diet, and there’s a perfect recipe for a chronic pain condition.

Back pain and neck pain are two of the most typical chronic pain conditions in patients. Sports injuries, accidents, improper sleeping positions, and vitamin deficiencies can all cause these pains. How does this work? The muscles and tissues in our bodies need vitamins and nutrients to help them function properly. Magnesium plays such a vital role in

As long as the conditions exist for our bodies to deteriorate, pain will continue to be chronic. This is why more medication is not always the answer to alleviate back pain. Natural supplements can often reduce or eliminate a hurting back before it becomes so severe it requires surgery.

Micro-Nutrient Testing

If you suffer from lower back or neck pain, you might be magnesium deficient. Luckily, seeing your chiropractor can not only help with healthy spinal alignment. But your chiropractor can also offer optimal care in other areas, including nutrition. At Dr. Newman’s office, we offer micro-nutrient testing to determine specific nutrient deficiencies, such as magnesium. Through this testing, Dr. Newman and his team can create a direct wellness program to promote better overall health. We aim to get to the cause of your pain, rather than just treating symptoms.

Dr. Michael Newman has been treating patients’ chronic pain conditions for more than 35 years. By using an integrative approach for whole body wellness, Dr. Newman can help you live pain-free and achieve peak performance through a holistic treatment plan that includes chiropractic and nutrition.