Flexibility is the key

Golf OrthoticsWhile the heat may be a little intense at the moment for many of us to get out on the links, now is the perfect time to work on golf flexibility to get ready for fall. Before you book any luxury spa and golf breaks, you need to make sure that you’re at the top of your game. Poor flexibility results in poor golf mechanics which not only impacts your swing, but power and accuracy in contacting the ball. In order to improve your golf game try these tips:
  • Rotating your head 70 degrees is key to remaining focused on the ball during your swing.
  • Poor posture causes your spine to move up and down during the backswing, impacting consistency.
  • Hip flexibility is critical for proper weight distribution.

Golf Swing Power Loss Is Preventable and Directly Related to Flexibility

Many athletes swear by chiropractic adjustment, not only because it reduces pain and dysfunction but because it improves flexibility and performance. Range of motion, balance and coordination improves strength and flexibility important in sports endurance and performance. Regular spinal and muscle system adjustments together with our holistic approach allow us to make rapid and sustained improvements in the flexibility of our patients. An improvement in flexibility helps improve your golf game. We have worked with many professional and weekend athletes over the years and I personally find it incredibly satisfying to see the look of excitement on a patient as they are able to move in ways they could never manage before, with greater flexibility and reduced or eliminated pain.

I urge you to call 305-666-1402 today and make an appointment for your own personalized flexibility evaluation to improve your golf game.

I look forward to helping you and your family’s health.

Wellness Tips:

People often stop exercising because of pain. Our personalized treatment plans go beyond traditional chiropractic adjustments to incorporate targeted strategies for pain management focused on the bio-mechanics of the entire frame. Lack of flexibility in the lower body, particularly in the hamstrings, hip flexors and buttocks, can lead to lower back pain which is one of the leading causes of physical limitation. Sitting all day shortens and shrinks your hip flexors as your hips remain in a flexed position. This in turn compresses your lower back and can lead to discomfort. Find a reason to get up every hour to drink water or use the restroom. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart then take a half step back. Keep your back leg straight and bend your forward knee until you feel a stretch, then switch sides.

The golf swing, often from uneven surfaces, and walking up and down hills on a course can lead to chronic back pain, as does standing while waiting for your shot. Muscles tighten on one side, then the other while waiting, and are then quickly torqued causing trauma. Our experience in alleviating golf back pain will get you back on your game more quickly. We aim to remove obstructions to an enjoyable golf experience. In addition to treatments be sure to stretch before, during and after a game. Following these guidelines will improve your golf game and your health!