I am very happy to announce that we are now offering physician directed wellness programs for nutritional assistance to help our patients to:

  • lose weight
  • feel more energy
  • protect your health
After decades  of providing care for patients in the Miami-Dade area, I have seen the impact of inflammation on their  health.  Chronic pain, excess weight, migraines and more are all rooted in inflammation.

The advanced testing that we are now able to provide our patients is able to identify specific nutrient deficiencies that may have gone previously undetected.  This nutritional assistance allows us to quickly identify these issues in order to address specific illnesses. We provide solutions for those who may be experiencing health difficulties as a result of deficiencies in their nutritional intake.  Using only the highest quality ingredients these supplements causes a noticeable positive effect on the health of patients due to their organic status.  To help my patients to become healthier versions of themselves and finally get to the bottom of their health issues is so rewarding.

Read more about micronutrient testing here.

I urge you to call 305-666-1402 today and make an appointment for your own personalized micro-nutrient testing.

I look forward to helping you and your family’s health because I genuinely care.

Wellness Tips On Nutritional Assistance:

Just like no two people are alike, our supplement needs are also unique.   Laboratory testing is the best way to identify the individual vitamin and mineral requirements of your body.

Clinical observation and measurements of individual nutrients is not enough to test the efficiency of your cells.  Only our patented testing measures how micronutrients are really functioning within your white blood cells.

Micronutrient testing scientifically assesses cellular immune function. Nutritional Assistance test results include information:

  • on the role of each nutrient found deficient so that you can understand your symptoms,
  • associated symptoms and how you can manage them,
  • how to obtain that nutrient in food
  • and supportive supplementation.