Spinal decompression under the guidance of a skilled Chiropractor can provide non-surgical treatment for many common back conditions. The 3-D ActiveTrac is a machine that treats neck and back problems using spinal decompression. This machine has received FDA approval for treatment of back pain, and is considered state of the art therapy for non-surgical and non-invasive back pain treatment.

How Does the 3-D ActiveTrac Work?

The machine uses traction to gently pull the spine apart to stretch the intervertebral disc spaces. This traction is applied in a slow and controlled manner due to the spine’s delicate nature. This stretching then removes pressure on discs, nerves, and bones. The spinal decompression is very precisely accomplished by a computer within the machine. The treatment generally consists of heat therapy prior to spinal decompression in order to relax the muscles. After decompression, electrotherapy is used to complete the treatment. A session typically lasts 30-45 minutes and usually begins with daily treatment for the first 2 weeks, with frequency of visits determined after evaluation of the patient.

People suffering with herniated disc injuries see better results than those with any other condition. 74% to 87% of patients receiving spinal decompression treatment then report positive results. Call Dr. Michael Newman at (305) 666-1402 to see how the 3-D ActiveTrac can help reduce your back pain.