Americans massively quit smoking on November 20th: the Great American Smokeout


I hope this finds you well! Most people I treat come to me because they are in pain.

But pain is not all I can help with.

Did you know that acupuncture can be effective in helping people quit smoking?


It can!


DrMichaelNewman-GreatAmericanSmokeoutNovember 20th, is the Great American Smokeout. It’s a time when millions of Americans take their first steps to kick the smoking habit.

If you or any of your friends or family members are smokers and have decided to kick the butt in the butt and say goodbye to smoking, I may be able to help.

I have helped many people over the years to quit smoking. I have a specific protocol that can help you or someone you know not only quit smoking, AND to do it so in a less stressful, more relaxed way. This by far is one of the more powerful benefits I can offer!

Quitting ANYTHING can be stressful and quite frankly irritating. Using acupuncture and other techniques can greatly enhance success rates.

I encourage you to do one of two things: 

1) Give me a call by November 19th so we can schedule you for our stop smoking program and make your efforts successful, or 

2) Give my business card to someone that you know who wants to quit smoking.

This is the perfect opportunity to kick the habit (or help some else) once and for all!

I look forward to helping!

Not your typical table: the 3-D ActiveTrac

Spinal decompression under the guidance of a skilled Chiropractor can provide non-surgical treatment for many common back conditions. The 3-D ActiveTrac is a machine that treats neck and back problems using spinal decompression. This machine has received FDA approval for treatment of back pain, and is considered state of the art therapy for non-surgical and non-invasive back pain treatment.

For those people suffering from pain due to herniated discs and degenerative disc disease the 3-D ActiveTrac promises relief. The machine uses traction, done in a slow and controlled manner, to gently pull the spine apart to stretch the intervertebral disc spaces. This stretching in turn removes pressure on discs, nerves, and bones. The spinal decompression is very precisely accomplished by a computer within the machine. The treatment generally consists of heat therapy prior to spinal decompression to relax the muscles. Electrotherapy is used after decompression to complete the treatment. A session typically lasts 30-45 minutes and usually begins with daily treatment for the first 2 weeks, with frequency of visits determined after evaluation of the patient.

Results are best for those people suffering with herniated disc injuries more than any other condition. 74% to 87% of patients receiving spinal decompression treatment report positive results. Call Dr. Michael Newman at (305) 666-1402 to see how  the 3-D ActiveTrac (adoringly nicknamed “the table” by his patients) can help reduce your back pain. Be pain free now!

The Unsurprising Truth About Low Back Pain

HuffPost Healthy Living recently posted an article with not-so-surprising news. A six year study has found “lower back pain causes more disability worldwide than any other health problem. With about 10% of people experiencing back pain that limits their life and/or work, it’s a significant problem that’s only expected to grow as the population of the world ages.”

To read the full Huffington Post article click here.