The HT-3300 WholeBody® Massage Chair

The HT-3300 massage chair is a powerful rolling chair that therapeutically massages every muscle in your body, from your head to your toes. Beyond its sleek and beautiful design, the HT-3300 hosts innovative patented FigureEight® Technology, which powers the robotic rollers to provide comfortable, stimulating relief for aching muscles. With three incredibly rejuvenating massage speeds that target major problem areas, your entire body will feel revived. You can recline at your desired angle with the Power Recline capability, intensifying your massage as you recline. And the foot-and-calf massager provides exhilarating movement to re-energize your legs, which helps oxygen-rich blood recirculate back into the feet and calves—an important factor for continued wellness. The Human Touch HT-3300 WholeBody® massage chair delivers invigorating full-body comfort through its four commonly-used expert massage techniques: Rolling, Kneading, Compression, and Percussion. And its unique patented technology makes it one of a kind. To order yours now, contact our office for special patient pricing.

Colorless Biofreeze

Your Natural Choice For Pain Relief®

Colorless Biofreeze is available in a 4 oz. Gel, 3 oz. Roll-on and 360° Spray for patient use and a 16 oz. Pump Spray and 32 oz. Gel Pump for in-practice use.

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• Applies easily and penetrates quickly
• Colorless (dye-free)
• Proprietary herbal blend
• 100% paraben-free
• Propylene glycol-free
• Effective skin conditioners
• Greaseless, non-staining with a vanishing scent
• Manufactured in the USA
• Not tested on animals

The Chiropractor’s Support Pillow

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